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“Disease Is Anaerobic It Cannot

Exist In An Elevated Oxygenated

Environment” Therapy Oxygen”

No cancer, HIV, herpes, eczema, influenza, measles, arthritis, E-Coli, Chronic bronchitis, Asthma, STD you name it. They cannot replicate in a body that is Oxygenated unfortunately all of us are Oxygen deficient.

The Oxygen Molecule

All life on earth is based on 5 basic elements: sulfur, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. Amongst these, the element that is most abundant is oxygen. Oxygen makes up about 65% of the human body, 47% of dry soil, 46% of igneous rocks, 85% of sea water, 42% of all the vegetation, and 50% of the crust of the earth by weight. Odorless, tasteless, and colorless, oxygen is one of the most important substances without which life would not be able to exist. For example, we can go without food for a number of weeks and survive, we can even go without water for 3-7 days, but we cannot survive without oxygen beyond 5 minutes. Given the importance of this ‘breath of life’ here are some interesting facts about oxygen.

Plants take in carbon dioxide and convert it to oxygen we then breath the oxygen, with less trees now on earth we are not getting nearly as much oxygen as we should. We inhale all types of man made pollutants which are mostly poisons.

We swim beneath and within a sea of oxygen molecules, which constantly bathes all external and most internal parts of our being. One in every five atmospheric molecules is an oxygen molecule. We are continually immersed in this oxygen-ocean.

Oxygen provides us with 90% of our nutritional energy, with just 10% coming from the food we eat. The more our cells are saturated with stabilized oxygen the lower is the wear and tear that occurs in the body. Hence, oxygen is one of the most important anti-aging substances.

h1b13A-tinyHerpes  Virus Type 1

herpes Virus

Did You Know that 50-80% of the
North American Population has
either Type 1 or Type 2 Herpes?

One out of five of the total adolescent and adult population is infected with genital herpes.

Infection is more common in women (approximately one out of four women) than in men (almost one out of five).

Male-to-female transmission is more efficient than female-to-male transmission.

One in five Americans have genital herpes (yet at least 80 percent of those with herpes are unaware they have it).

About 80 percent of American adults have oral herpes (cold sores).

An estimated 25 percent of American adults have genital herpes. Millions of Canadians have Herpes.

Genital herpes affects approximately one in six Australian adults

Approximately two-thirds of people who acquire STDs in the United States are younger than 25.

About one in five people in the United States over age 12 (approximately 45 million individuals) are infected with HSV-2, the virus that causes genital herpes.

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New Herpes Cure All System

Did you know that plants are very effective air purifiers, removing pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene and even dust?. Plants remove pollutants from the air in offices and homes with nature’s most efficient indoor air cleanser, surrround yourself with plants. Studies have shown that patients in hospitals experience shorter recovery times when plants are present.

We Need More Plants

  • Oxygen’s natural ability to oxidize or catabolize viruses, fungi, and bacteria is vitally important in order to sustain the cells’ natural immortality factor and to prevent degenerative diseases.
  • Oxygen is also an essential factor for burning up the body’s toxins – those that are generated by us internally as well as those that we get from external sources such as the environment, water, and food – particularly junk food. The lower the content of oxygen, the less ability we have to burn up toxins, to heal, and to fight disease.
  • Studies have also revealed that the oxygen levels in the atmosphere was about 36-38% about 200 years back, however when recent measurements were done, it was discovered that at present the earth’s atmosphere just comprises of 19% concentration levels of oxygen. In some areas that are heavily industrialized, which have high levels of pollution, the oxygen level is often as low as 9%.

Furthermore, these scientists also discovered that oxygen levels during the “Great Dying” period, where massive extinction events occurred, had dropped to 16%, eventually “bottoming out” at 12%. During this time when oxygen was at its lowest levels, 90% of all marine life died, as well as nearly 75% of all land-based plants and animals.

Activated oxygen-based technologies may one day become a critical component to the healthy survival of mankind, if they aren’t already.

  • The level of oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere has been seriously depleted due to various factors, such as: the industrial revolution; the carbon-based fuels we use; and the depletion of large tracts of oxygen generating forest areas. According to scientific studies, it has been shown that the concentration level of oxygen in the atmosphere is being depleted by 0.8% about every fifteen years or thereabouts.
  • Cancer attacks every organ in our body, except the heart because of its abnormal supply of oxygen. It is quite evident why it is essential to keep our body oxygenated. Oxygen is the sole element that has the capability of combining with practically all other elements in order to form the essential ingredients that are required for building and maintaining our body. For instance: water is made up of oxygen and hydrogen; carbohydrates are made up of oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon; proteins are made up of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen.

Cancer Cells


The true facts about oxygen are now beginning to enter the human mainstream consciousness.

Now A Easy and Effective Way To Purify The Water You Drink and Oxygenate The Waters of Your Body.

MMS The Sure Thing Water Purification Drops is not a medication for cancer, stroke, diabetes, or any other illness. It is a water disinfectant, not only outside the body, but inside as well.

Volatility is what makes chlorine dioxide so effective when it contacts pathogens. As we’ve mentioned, chlorine dioxide is a safe and effective disinfectant in many municipal water delivery systems, hospitals, and even in bio-terrorism response. It stands to reason that chlorine dioxide would be just as effective working in the waters of the human body.

The Miracle Mineral Supplement is a breakthrough health solution that enables the immune system to eliminate the causes of many diseases and ailments and has proven effective in over 100,000 cases.  MMS The Sure Thing Water Purification Drops is a simple mineral supplement that can be made in one’s home and is perfectly harmless to take.  It consists of 28% sodium chlorite and 72% distilled water – an astonishingly simple and proven solution to many of humanity’s worst diseases.

How does it work?

MMS The Sure Thing Water Purification Drops works by putting Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) in the body.  In 1999 the American Analytical Society of Chemists stated that chlorine dioxide is the most powerful killer of pathogens known.

Most Humans Are Infested

Chlorine dioxide’s extreme volatility prevents pathogens from developing a resistance. Mainly because when they “clash,” the pathogens no longer exist. Yet, healthy cells and beneficial bacteria are unaffected.

While normal levels of oxygen in the blood cannot destroy all of the pathogens present under disease conditions, delivery of chlorine dioxide changes everything.

Believe it or not, 90% of the world’s population will have a problem with energy and nutrient draining microscopic organisms. There are over 1000 different types of parasites that can infect a human being. The worst part is that only 1% of these parasites will show up in regular testing run by your medical doctor.

Parasites are literally everywhere! They start out in the nastiest of places, like stool. Then they find their way on to your pets. Once on your pets its only a matter of time before they’re in your carpet, and with no warning they’ve worked their way it to your large intestine. Once parasites make it to your large intestine they can live there for yearsundetected! It’s time for you to take action against these invisible organisms.

The Pathogen Terminator

Research has proven chlorine dioxide to be much safer than chlorine, as it is selective for pathogens when used in water. Furthermore, it does not create harmful compounds from other constituents in the water as chlorine does.

This is why, in 1999, the American Society of Analytical Chemists proclaimed chlorine dioxide to be the most powerful pathogen killer known to man. It has even been used to clean up after anthrax attacks.

Hook Worm Parasites

Using the proper protocol you will produce chlorine dioxide in the range of 1 ppm. The main ingredient in stabilized oxygen is sodium chloride (from sea salt), when the 28% sodium chloride solution is mixed with lemon juice, lime juice, or vinegar it becomes chlorine dioxide a few drops in a glass of drinking water will purify the waters of your body killing parasites, viruses, bacteria and virtually all pathogens.

There has been no such evidence of harmful compounds being produced from chlorine dioxide.

The parasites most likely to infect you are: Pinworms, Giardia, Roundworms, Hookworms, Tapeworms, and Flukes. Each are frightening in their own right. Virtually everyone has some type of parasite but its time for you to say good bye to your feeding friends and reclaim your full vitality and energy.

Eliminate Intestinal Parasites Parasitic Infections For Good!

MMS The Sure Thing Water Purification Drops will eliminate these parasites that do cause disease, the pathogens, which unfortunately are very numerous and widespread and a major cause of death worldwide.

Infectious disease is caused by parasites (pathogens) capable of damaging their host. These include some, but not all, members of the viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, worms, and prions. Infections are held in check, where possible, by the immune system, operating at several levels, depending on the evasion strategies adopted by the pathogen.

So what is one of the greatest health breakthrough in history? It comes from realizing the right amount of chlorine dioxide will kill these disease-causing pathogens not only in water, but in the body also, which is itself mostly water.  This is a fact everyone would like to know.  It may save countless lives.

100% authentic and original “breakthrough” formula. Premium water purification. 4fl. oz. Ships in one to three business days.


Water Purification Drops

$20.00 gives you a one year supply.

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